Carrot Binging Leads to Consequences! - by Malley111689 by Charem

Carrot Binging Leads to Consequences! - by Malley111689


15 April 2017 at 13:07:03 MDT

Lots of herbivorous creatures like to store up food supplies for the winter, stockpiling in semi-hidden holes and dens. Charem the bunnymeleon attempted this as well, with the rather stereotypical (yet oh-so-good!) choice of carrots. Lots and lots and LOTS of carrots. Undoubtedly the clever lagomorph had hoarded them from a farmer's carrot plot, waiting until each carrot was juicy and plump, and picking them just before the farmer would be planning to do the same.

Needless to say, the bunnymeleon's den was filled nearly to the brim with the orange veggies, only a token amount of space left in the hole for him to bed down and rest each night. Not that he minded sleeping atop all those delicious carrots! It was hard to resist just eating them all up at once, but the rabbit resisted, rationing them out day to day as was proper...

Then, one particular night fell. The bunnymeleon had been out foraging for more food very late into the eve, and had returned to his den empty-handed. His big paws ached from all the hopping he'd been doing, and his stomach growled hungrily from all the exercise. Yet, before he could eat, his fatigue set in too strong, and he dozed off asleep...

But he was still hungry...

In foresight, he couldn't quite remember the dreams he had that night, but he knew they all had involved giant buffets, wonderful meals, and the constant chomping and swallowing of delicious thing after delicious thing. Sleep-walking was one thing, but sleep-eating...! The bunnymeleon had awoken laying on the dirt floor of his cave, feeling particularly bloated and sated...and able only to see his massive, cream-colored gut.

So much for rationing... owo;

This was an awesomely-chubby drawing done by my friend   malley111689 for - what else? - Fat Bunny Week! I sure look adorable as a bunny, if I do say so myself. xP

I hope to maybe be getting another FBW-themed picture soon. However, it might be slightly belated. n..n I'm sure y'all won't mind that though, right?