Vorish (& More!) Collages: Page 7 - by IF, AD, & Me by Charem

Vorish (& More!) Collages: Page 7 - by IF, AD, & Me


15 April 2017 at 12:52:15 MDT

This is the seventh of a bunch of doodle pages that I have collected together, all of which were drawn by   imperfectflame back in the days that he would do random doodle streams. ^..^ I took it upon myself to color a whole bunch of these: all of the ones I was graciously involved in, plus a few others. :3

  armaggedondoom kindly swathed a lovely layer of shading/lighting over my colorations as well! AD will be working on the other pages eventually as well; I'll find some way to submit those later.

For better organization, I've numbered everything on each page as well. Here's some short descriptions of each...

  1. First a shower DRAIN 'eats' me, now it's a shower HEAD. How does that even work?? XD Both me and   yoshiboy1 are bulging out the hungry shower piping quite a great deal...!

  2. Apparently, a lavatory is a very dangerous place for the unwary. Who knew there were so many voracious pieces of bathroom equipment? XD Of course, being stationary, they sometimes need a lil' help getting their meals... Seems I've tricked   yoshiboy1 right on down this toilet's piping -- thankfully, this porcelain and PVC knows how to stretch for the chubby meal! >:3 Just a few more flushes...

  3.   jumpman92029 giving me a hug. <3 D'aww.

  4.   gaomon2 seems to have a bit of a Digi-appetite. x3 And a meaty Pokemon like me is apparently on his menu!

  5. Behold, Mingzuko! ...My Vaporeon Mizuko can melt into water and merge with other creatures' forms, you see. :3 Seems the mischievous fellow went and did this with   armaggedondoom's Mew, Ming! Vaporemew. <3

  6. Turnabout is ALWAYS fair play. ;P You eat me, like   gaomon2 did, and you can bet you'll get what's coming to you in due time! urp

  7. Here's a bit of a play on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon! The important character Ninetales originally meets the hero characters while they're being hunted by other rescue teams, and Team A.C.T. (Alakazam, Charizard, and Tyranitar) is the team hottest on their trail. An encounter occurs, and Ninetales quells the fighting and proves the hero's innocence. ...Normally, anyways. But what if Ninetales met the main characters before Team A.C.T. showed up, and wanted to...'hide' them instead? :P That's what happened here... The hero Charem and his partner   deadbynightfall, along with an Absol teammate. are packed right away in the fox's gut...though it doesn't appear to be the -best- hiding spot. x3 Perhaps Ninetales's Jedi mind trick will solve the issue?

Alright! Here we have a play on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon; with the main Ninetales character 'hiding' the Hero (charem), his partner (:linkdeadbynightfall) and their Absol teammate from Team Alakazam (A Charizard, Alakazam and Tyranitar)