Vorish (& More!) Collages: Page 6 - by ImperfectFlame & Me by Charem

Vorish (& More!) Collages: Page 6 - by ImperfectFlame & Me


15 April 2017 at 12:52:05 MDT

This is the sixth of a bunch of doodle pages that I have collected together, all of which were drawn by   imperfectflame back in the days that he would do random doodle streams. ^..^ I took it upon myself to color a whole bunch of these: all of the ones I was graciously involved in, plus a few others. :3

For better organization, I've numbered everything on each page as well. Here's some short descriptions of each...

  1. Charemuk: The Revenge! >:3   yoshiboy1 ended up crossing my gooey path, and is now learning what it's like to be encased in muckiness. >:3

  2. And it doesn't seem that   yoshiboy1 lasted very long. x3 Now he's just a part of the Charemuk, the only 'sign' he was even there being his necklace, which I decided to keep. ;3

  3.   terastas the Pelipper came upon a novel idea: if someone drew a face on his bill and then had a Pokemon with a flame climb inside, he'd look just like a jack-o-lantern! ...Naturally, I was enlisted for the job. XP

  4. Tantars aren't supposed to be cars! But   supameep didn't listen apparently. x3 Supa-car is powered on only the best fuels too - such as fiery reptiles like me! o_O; That tailpipe sure can stretch...

  5. Reptiles deserve food! It's a simple rule of thumb. ;P This especially applies to neglected reptiles! Liz, the eccentric lizardman scientist from Wild Arms 2, has barely any fanart (poor guy!). So it seemed only fair to give him a little time in the limelight. Heaven knows how eating a Charmeleon whole has any sort of academic value, but he's a scientist; he must know what he's doing! :P

  6. We Charmeleons are so multi-purpose. ^^   foxkitt wanted to make s'mores, and whaddaya know, my tail's great for cooking them! All I ask is that I get a few of the resulting snacks... <3 Om nom nawm~

  7. Plushies! ^.^ I love my   mrtemeraire-plush...ish so cute!

  8. Computer problems... x3 I had quite a few of them on my old computer. Flame decided to draw out how I was feeling about the computer one day. ... I swear, it's a GOOD thing I don't have fire-breath irl sometimes. x3

  9. Some fiery creatures can really have their hungers 'flare up' too. XP   polaris-the-flareon's Mizar the purple Flarespeon here seems to have quite a craving for Charmeleon, after satisfying his OTHER cravings with   spike220 and   soraime. So bulgy!

  10. Charmeleons should never really use normal showers, and THIS incident only enforces that! XP Seems the shower had a 'craving' for me, tossing its drain vent to the side and catching me into its piping! Seems I've plugged up the drain quite entirely, given the flooding, but I'll be drained all the down eventually. ^^;