Eating the Wrong Meal: Part 4 - by Winte by Charem

Eating the Wrong Meal: Part 4 - by Winte


15 April 2017 at 12:48:58 MDT

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(Being a Japanese comic, keep in mind that this reads from right to left. ;3)

"It's nice timing! You look delicious! <3" remarked Charem, grinning happily at his luck.

The Growlithe was frozen for a moment. ANOTHER Pokemon was wanting to eat him now?! Of course, his inaction poorly-timed as the Charem's clawed hand whipped through the air, striking the dog on the face - a Slash attack! It was an intentionally-average strike, more to wear him out rather than knock him out...and it had worked. He was already tired from running so long...

This was a delightful comic that a very kind person over from drew up for me, that I admittedly and ashamedly didn't actually notice for a good year! This was mostly due to how my previous computer really had a screwed-up OS, and would not display and sometimes crash on certain foreign characters, including Japanese. And pixiv happens to be a Japanese I had to stay away from it for a little while.

The artist of this is Winte, and this comic came out from a conversation I had with them via a note a while back. I don't actually know Japanese, but I was able to translate semi-well with Google Translate, which allowed for an amiable conversation. ^^

Thanks again Winte! :3