How to Properly Stuff an Umbreon: Part 2 - by IF by Charem

How to Properly Stuff an Umbreon: Part 2 - by IF


15 April 2017 at 12:42:50 MDT

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However, it seemed that Flame's approach to the table was too tentative for the excited lizard! Charem quickly slipped behind the waffling Umbreon and planted his paws against his friend's rump, scooting the quadruped rather awkwardly forward in front of the nearest food item: a thick, moist, double-layer cake. The dark fox was a bit put off by the unflattering shove, but had to admit the cake looked delicious...

A few bites from this and that couldn't hurt, reasoned Flame. Plus, the Charmeleon did work rather hard to cook all of this food. Surely, if he simply made an effort to eat a bit, that would satisfy his host. Right...?

Lacking any utensils, but figuring that he'd certainly be provided a napkin at some point, Flame sat down in front of the table and brought his forepaws up - and into - the soft side of the cake, scooping up a pawful of the dessert and bringing it to his snout. The strawberry filling, coupled with the fluffy and sweet breading, tasted quite harmonious in the Umbreon's mouth as he dug in, encouraging him to grab another bite, then another...!

...Oh boy. x3 This is an epic 16-part commission I bought from   imperfectflame a fair while back, involving him and me, fattening, vore, and just awesomeness! This was before Flame tweaked his Pokeform to be a Flareon/Umbreon hybrid, just to explain why he isn't his Dark/Fire self here. ;3

This is possibly one of the most-fun comic commissions I've gotten. <3 REALLY love how everything turned out...and I hope you guys do too! ^^

I was pondering if I should submit these as comic pages rather than post individually, but the size of some of the panels (in addition to how much art of this style suffers if it's shrunken down) made me decide against that idea. As such, I apologize to your guys' inboxes, and hope you'll forgive me for slightly filling it out. XD Also, a lot of parts of this have two versions: messy and clean (in regards to the food and eating). I submitted the messy versions because they're more fun imo, but I'll also out-link to the alternate 'clean' versions when applicable. :3