How to Properly Stuff an Umbreon: Part 1 - by IF by Charem

How to Properly Stuff an Umbreon: Part 1 - by IF


15 April 2017 at 12:42:42 MDT

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Flame the Umbreon was never one to disappoint a friend. When he had received excited word from his pal Charem about a 'gift' for him, the 'bree wasted no time in heading over to the fire-type's home. The advice to 'come hungry' already clued in Flame as to what sort of gift this might be, and he certainly followed the command, arriving right on dinnertime.

The Charmeleon, dressed in a chef hat a wielding a spatula from the moment he opened the front door, seemed quite active as he ushered his friend to the dining room. Obviously enough, a smattering of delicious, home-made foods lined a large Flame had expected. But he had not expected the sheer...amount! The table in question was quite, quite long indeed, quite able and intended to seat a large crowd of people...and food seemed to cover every inch of it!

Yet... The Umbreon glanced around to check. Yes, it was just him and Charem here. Whyever was there so much food...?

The Charmeleon waved towards the food, joyously encouraging his friend to eat. The chef himself seemed content not to eat for now, instead watching Flame expectantly... The Umbreon was polite as always, if more than a little unsure about the situation, and approached the table...

...Oh boy. x3 This is an epic 16-part commission I bought from   imperfectflame a fair while back, involving him and me, fattening, vore, and just awesomeness! This was before Flame tweaked his Pokeform to be a Flareon/Umbreon hybrid, just to explain why he isn't his Dark/Fire self here. ;3

This is possibly one of the most-fun comic commissions I've gotten. <3 REALLY love how everything turned out...and I hope you guys do too! ^^

I was pondering if I should submit these as comic pages rather than post individually, but the size of some of the panels (in addition to how much art of this style suffers if it's shrunken down) made me decide against that idea. As such, I apologize to your guys' inboxes, and hope you'll forgive me for slightly filling it out. XD Also, a lot of parts of this have two versions: messy and clean (in regards to the food and eating). I submitted the messy versions because they're more fun imo, but I'll also out-link to the alternate 'clean' versions when applicable. :3