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A Drink to 'Pond'er Over - by PFH by Charem

A Drink to 'Pond'er Over - by PFH


15 April 2017 at 12:39:19 MDT

Mizuko was feeling a bit dry one hot, sunny day. For a water-type Pokemon essentially COMPRISED of aqua, this was not a particularly-good thing! Vaporeons needed to stay hydrated; normally a good drink of water and the periodic swim did the trick for most. But Mizuko felt a little more needy than that...

He soon came upon a crystal-clear pond up in a craggy area. Scanning over the waters, he noted that there was only a single Magikarp inhabiting it; a harmless creatures really. Without any hesitation, the Vappy plunged head-first into the blue depths, paddling beneath all that cool liquid...

The aquatic Pokemon would normally drink from the shore of a body of water before going for a swim, but his hide was sooo dry...that he figured he could easily multi-task and drink as he swam. And so this is what he did, simply holding his maw wide open and gulp-gulp-gulping at the water as he paddled through it. His movements in water were so streamlined that the water gushed down his parched throat with barely any effort...much to Mizuko's approval!

Thus, he swam, and gulped, and swam, and gulped again... The Vaporeon's belly bounced against his paddling legs soon enough, and he found himself 'thud' lightly on the sandy pond floor. He didn't mind, of course; it was coolest down at the bottom anyways! And so Mizuko shrugged, settling atop his belly as it grew and grew, his thirst never quite leaving him... After all, there was a crisp drink right in front of him, all the time!

The casually-vorish water-type grinned to himself as he watched the unfortunate Magikarp attempt to keep its distance from him, yet was only forced closer and closer to him as the pond's water level lowered and lowered... Before, finally, even the fish's best Splash attack couldn't save him from the whirlpool of water channeling down the Vaporeon's throat! Mizuko greedily opened his maw wider as the bony - yet still mildly tasty - carp filled his maw, swishing it about for a moment before letting it follow the 'aqueduct' that was his gullet!

Mizuko's head soon broke the rapidly-descending surface of the pond - almost to his dismay! He was quite trapped atop his bloated gut now, with the rest of his form quite 'fat' with the crisp beverage as well. Yet there was still a good few feet of water left to drink... But the Vaporeon's dismay turned to elation as he realized an easy way to finish his drink...

The Vaporeon, like any Vaporeon, could melt his form into water. But unlike most, Mizuko had refined the ability to an artform. It was a simple matter for him to draw the remaining water directly into his belly, dissolving part of his gut to 'suck in' the remaining pond-water. The little Magikarp was bounced about in his gut-aquarium as the water swirled around him, before finally growing still again.

"Urrrrp!" Mizuko belched out a watery burp, patting his thickened forepaws against his round belly. He now sat in a mere basin in the ground, the only signs of the pond that had once existed being a bit of dampness and a few puddles, both of which were rapidly drying up in the sun. ...The fatty-Vappy hardly minded that mean 'ol sun though; he was gonna stay nice and hydrated for a GOOD long while now...

This was a little request I made of   PFH a while ago. ^^ PFH is quite a great fatfur artist, and I was wanting to get more art of my Vaporeon character, Mizuko. Then I struck upon a thought: if Vaporeons are so attuned with water as a liquid, then couldn't they get 'fat' by consuming too much water? Literally flabby, like a normal creature after they'd eaten too many fatty foods? Hehehe... PFH liked the idea, and combined water inflation, plus water fattening, quite well indeed! (With a little bit of vore as an added bonus!)

Oh Mizuko, always such a glutton you are. <3