Whisker's Spicy Treat - by SuperKoopaTroopa by Charem

Whisker's Spicy Treat - by SuperKoopaTroopa


15 April 2017 at 11:59:22 MDT

It's always worth watching out for vorish predators... But vorish Pokemon...are a whole 'nother ball game... These are creatures that can randomly shoot gigantic beams or psychic waves or torrents of different elements, and most importantly of all, can WEATHER such attacks being used against them! Pokemon are not to be trifled with, and a hungry Pokemon even less so. And oh, don't underestimate some of them because of their sizes, either...

Of course, you all know me, and you all know this stuff already as a result. <=P The thing is, it's sometimes easy to forget that I'm just one of many vorish Pokemon in existence, and that ignoring even a dainty-looking bunny Pokemon can spell a one-trip ride to a damp new environment...

Obviously, this is precisely what happened here. o..o;

Whiskers the Nidorina is quite the voracious Pokemon. I doubt she even considered me more than a snack, too. o.O She's eaten much, much bigger, after all... As evidenced by that belly of hers, so eager to start up its wet rumblings, to 'nutritionalize' its contents quickly and efficiently, so that room could be made for another meal. Yup...this Nidorina was a serious predator... ^..^;; squirms helplessly and with a nervous little chuckle

  SuperKoopaTroopa drew up this gurgly little image! x3 Whiskers is one of his main characters, and she's quite an adorable gal, 'specially when she goes around stuffing her belly and making there be more of her to love. <P

I'm rather honored to be able to 'contribute' to such a cute predator! Thanks again, SKT! ^..^