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Not the Noms I Was Expecting - by Wisty by Charem

Not the Noms I Was Expecting - by Wisty


15 April 2017 at 11:57:19 MDT

"Drink for noms!" the bottle said. Noms? I was always a fan of noms. I didn't exactly make a practice of drinking strange potions, but I think I could get behind this one's effect... I thought...

My belly bulged out, certainly, but not with noms... I noticed my form grow softer...I was fattening out! But not only that... A layer of fuzzy fur obscured my form slowly but surely, my body cracking and reshaping, much to my surprise... Eventually, I was left a pot-bellied rabbit. What...!?

I was left little time to think as a dragon loomed from a hiding place nearby, causing me to freeze in panic as the drake broke into a wide grin.

"Ooo... D:" I frowned in sudden realization. The potion didn't give MADE somebody a nom. And with the dragon's drooling lips, it appeared that he very much considered me a suitable meal...!

This was drawn up by   Wisty for me! It was a Fat Bunny Week picture that I got a little late and forgot to submit, so, now it goes up now! ^.^

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