My Custom Livestream Offline Graphic by Charem

My Custom Livestream Offline Graphic


15 April 2017 at 11:53:46 MDT

Every Char's gotta take a break from a busy schedule of nomming, gaming, and drawing sometimes. =P In my opinion, one of the nicer places to sleep is on a soft straw bed in a cozy warm cavern... ^..^ Curling up under a blanket in such a situation usually sends me right to dreamland...

I've been using Livestream quite a bit more since getting a new computer! While I originally made an LS account for the purpose of streaming my art, I've ended up doing a lot of gaming, which is a total blast as well. (Especially since so few people have heard of Cubivore... ;3)

I decided to draw a custom offline graphic for my stream though, once I figured out that you could actually do this. The test-pattern default offline image didn't do it for me. xP So I made something a little more appealing to look at. <3

My stream channel is right here for those curious. I post journals up when I stream, but I also usually record my streams too, and those recordings can be watched anytime in my video list. =3