Aww, He Likes You! - by Loki.Metal by Charem

Aww, He Likes You! - by Loki.Metal


15 April 2017 at 06:14:59 MDT

I have a number of ways to indicate if I like somebody. :3 Tail-waggling, happy noises, the usual pet-like things. But the best way to tell if I like you a lot is if I choose to give you some friendly slurps!

...Slurps that gradually get rougher and more focused. While my mouth opens wider and wider. And I begin to drool on you. A lot. ^__^

Yes, that all means that I REALLY like you... <3 Truly! I wouldn't show my 'delicate' interior to somebody I didn't trust, after all. But I trust you! Here, come on closer. :3 I'll even let you reach inside and feel around in there.

(DEEP in there... ;3)

Oh, what's that? Why am I swallowing? Let you go, you say? <3 Oh, don't worry, you'll be JUST fine... After all, I like you! I like you so much that I even want to protect you, like a good pet should! And you'll certainly be perfectly safe inside my gut, after all... n_n I'm just doin' my job, hehe!

Come now. Like you won't enjoy being wrapped in all that slick, fleshy pinkness... <3

Ooh I do love POV shots! ^..^ I should get more of them sometime, truly...

  Loki.Metal is the artist of this droolfully-delicious picture! She put up a requests thread on the Hungry Pokemon Forums and, since she had recently done a different POV mawshot, I figured I'd ask for one of myself. n..n

Loki based this picture off of an older mawshot I got a long time ago. While this pic is similar to the one from before, Loki basically improved upon the old picture a great deal. <3 The old POV was inaccurate in a number of ways, such as my incorrect inner and outer colors, my having an un-forked and too-wide tongue, and my having teeth of incorrect sizes.

Happily, Loki nearly fixed all these errors in her rendition of my maw here. <3 My colors are all spot-on, especially the bright and inviting pink interior color that exists in my entire digestive system. My tongue is the exact proper shape, length, and size, and is properly forked as well. And my teeth are nearly perfectly-sized and arranged, with the exception of the four teeth in the center of my bottom jaw - in truth, all my teeth are the same size. This small mistake is hardly a big deal considering everything Loki did right though! ^..^

For those curious about my maw anatomy... My teeth are all the same size because they're meant for cutting, not holding or tearing; thus, they're medium-sized, pointed, and sharp. (Not that I'd be using them on most of my meals, of course!) The width of my maw is well-presented here as well, if a little exaggerated; I can REALLY stretch my mouth open. :3 I may be best-known for a certain other type of vore, but I'm definitely capable with oral vore as well! And yes, the drool is quite accurate as well...after all, if you're gonna eat something whole, you need plenty of lubrication. ;3~

I apologize that I have no 4th of July-themed picture for y'all today, but I certainly hope this makes up for it. <3

Just remember... While fireworks are pretty neat to watch, that's about all you can do with them. However, when it comes to me, I'll let you do a lot more than just spectate... ;D~


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    I'm warning you, I'm not afraid to shoot!