Sweet Poffins Raise Cuteness! - by BenAnderson by Charem

Sweet Poffins Raise Cuteness! - by BenAnderson


15 April 2017 at 06:13:46 MDT

Poffins, delicious poffins! They're pastry-like confections that you make by stirring up a mix of berries and who-know-what-else and heating it in a certain way. Why something that starts out soupy ends up being a bread-like product is anyone's guess, but I just know that they taste good!

Of course, another native benefit of poffins is that they can raise certain 'conditions' inherent in Pokemon depending on the berries that they were made with. This can be useful for contests or for everyday purposes. I know my berries pretty well...so when I spotted a restaurant advertising a special on Custap Berry poffins, I was quite excited! Custap berries are quite literally the sweetest berries known to Poke'kind, with a Sweet rating of 40. Since Sweet poffins raises a Pokemon's Cute condition, well... I knew I just had to order some! ^..^

Turns out custap berry poffins are quite delicious as well, tasting just like custard apples stuffed into pasty form. Mmm! They tasted simply divine, and I couldn't help but order more...and more...and more...! As I continued to gorge, I could practically feel my cuteness increasing...right along with my waistline! I propped myself up on the thankfully-wide booth as my body continued to pudgify, my appetite seemingly never sated...

Grinning with a poffin stuck against my teeth, I lazily finished the last tray of poffins in the entire restaurant, using my fatty gut to tilt the table down and send the final few snacks sliding into my grasp. The meal was soon finished, leaving me to recline my wide form back against the well-compressed booth seat. I rubbed my very-full stomach, chuckling as the flab wobbled back and forth in response.

One thing was for sure: those sweet poffins definitely did increase my cuteness! ^..^

This was something I commissioned of   benanderson a little while ago. =3 While I've been drawn fat before, I'm noticeably 'heftier' than usual here! I kind of like the different build style he gave me. ;3

Sweet poffins do indeed raise a Pokemon's Cute stat in the games, so you simply can't deny the fact that I made myself cuter by gorging on these. xD