A Spicy Forest Snack - by livinlovindude by Charem

A Spicy Forest Snack - by livinlovindude


15 April 2017 at 06:13:33 MDT

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It was a sunny and mild day deep in Pinwheel Forest...it seemed like a perfect place to take a break in my explorations of the Unova region. Considering the only Pokemon in the area were rather low-level and not very aggressive, it seemed like a perfectly good idea to take a restful nap on the area's soft, rich soil.... Of course, I had only considered the -native- population in my reasoning...

A special snake was also in the forest. Arbok was her name, a Pokemon owned by the trainer A - she was in fact a royal reptile who had also decided to explore the new region. After seeing nothing but new Pokemon skittering about the foilage, she was quite surprised to come across a snoring Charmeleon laid in the middle of a clearing.

Of course, as cultured as Arbok was, a snake is still a snake. Picking my still-sleeping form up by one leg using her tail, she casually decided that my role would now to be her snack. After all, it wouldn't be very fitting for her to have to HUNT DOWN a meal - especially considering how easy a meal my snoozing self would make!

Oh, why do the predators always find me when I'm sleeping...? x3 I snapped out of it much, much too late, as my body was already slipping down the serpent's naturally-flexible gullet... Arbok was much too busy enjoying my zesty flavor to mind my protests at all, and I was soon forced to snuggle into her thankfully-spacious gut.

I shifted around, my scales slickening with the sticky stomach juices sloshing over them. Ergh... Well, I guess it's sort of an honor to be eaten by royalty, at least! ^^;

Hehehe. <3   livinlovindude drew this up outta the blue about 2 months ago. It's quite the nice gift! ^^ I always did like A's Arbok, she's quite a cool snake and has been featured in many of livin's comics. n..n She of course enjoys some living meals as well (including eating her own trainer quite often!), though she always lets her food-friends out later. ^.^