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This Really Takes the Cake... - by Bendor by Charem

This Really Takes the Cake... - by Bendor


No, wait, that's not right. -I- really take the cake. x3 More and more and more of the cake...!

It seems that Bendor had absolutely no problem in picking up where Tex had left off. |3 How much bigger can I get with all these desserts?! I...I guess we'll eventually find out at this rate. ^^; My massive pudge already has rolls on its rolls, and I'm so squishy now...! But I know I'm nowhere near my maximum capacity either... @.@

Looking on the bright side...what is being shoved into my stretched gullet IS tasty... And you can't really get angry with such displays x3~ Apparently newts and dragons are very altruistic with their delectables...who knew? xP

This awesome, awesome picture was drawn up by   Bendor when I mentioned wanting some fatfur pictures of myself, and man did he do a great job on it! <3 The sense of how squishy-soft I am is very apparent, in addition to how HUGE I'm being made. :P

Apparently it's now a popular hobby to stuff Char-chars until they resemble a beanbag. |3 Yum yum!