More Dessert Please~ - by De-Flator by Charem

More Dessert Please~ - by De-Flator


15 April 2017 at 05:50:32 MDT

Third dessert?! First there was 30 giant cakes, then there were 50 big bowls of pudding... You telling me there's even MORE?! x3 No, I didn't say I wanted more! I didn't say...much of anything, really. o..o; Too busy chewing all the sugary foods that were force-stuffed into my maw...!

Tex the newt really wanted me to try all his numerous after-dinner confections out... I was fine with that, expect I didn't know he meant all at once...and I didn't know he wouldn't take no for an answer! (Nor did I know he wouldn't allow my mouth to stay empty long enough to SAY no!)

Oh, sure, I have no trouble eating such large amounts of food, plus some...but we're talking purely desserts here, some being VERY rich. Sugar is yummy, but it can easily turn into too much of a good thing...! x3 And so fattening...I'm jigglier than ever now! ^^;

Well, nothing I can do but urp stomach it down. I'm not getting away in this condition... ^^; But...the third set of desserts is the LAST set, right?

...Right...? o..o;

Hehehehe. |3 Tex the newt is quite the michevious fellow, it seems. This off-screen character is owned by the artist of this picture,   De-Flator. This guy is a great inflation artist, and has such a bright and colorful style...perfect for a creature like me. <3 This is his first Pokemon drawing, as a matter of fact! This might also be the first time he took a request; I'm not sure. o3o I know he doesn't take them often; I kinda got lucky. He's a great guy though, so check out his FA page sometime. =3~

Gotta love a bloated, squishy-jiggly Charmeleon, right? x3 Don't worry, I'll survive the crowding of confectioneries!