Shayla Slowly Savors a Spicy Supper - by Shaelrion & Me by Charem

Shayla Slowly Savors a Spicy Supper - by Shaelrion & Me


15 April 2017 at 05:44:39 MDT

Charmeleons can be delectable snacks, but our intense heat and heavily-spiced flavors prove to be too much for some creature. However, other fire-types are understandably quite capable of enjoying us to the fullest...

Shayla, an anthro Arcanine gal, tended to watch her figure rather carefully... But dogs, especially Arcanines, can get quite ravenous at times, and even the sexy Shayla enjoys a bit of a binge, every once and a while... And wrapping her lips around a fatty little scale-creature like me most certainly qualified!

Hoo boy! ^.^ I sure have been submitting a lot of collaborations lately. But it's wonderful too - I really managed to kick my muse in gear and have a lot of fun with it!

The original image of this was done by   Shaelrion, who kindly took a request from me after I showed interest in her sexy Pokesona. ^^ She was originally gonna draw it later on down the line, after her busy classes were over or at least taking a break...but I got lucky; seems Shael got a lot of snow and couldn't get to with her free time...! (It seems that the college closed anyways on account of the weather, so no harm done. ^^ )

I colored up the image right after I got a hold of it, as sort of a thank-you to her completing the lineart so fast. n..n Originally I wasn't gonna color it, but...heck, why not? Shayla needs more color pics anyways. ;3 And it's always worth practicing coloring new characters. The glow was a lot of fun to do... I'm not sure if I like the background colors completely, but I do know I love how the flame glow mixes with the red-orange wall. <3

Anyways, enjoy. ;3