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Out for a Nice Trot - by LustBubbles by Charem

Out for a Nice Trot - by LustBubbles


A bit of a stroll is always nice to take, especially with a friend to enjoy it with! I'm more than happy to allow them to ride on my strong back as well in this form... ^..^

Whee, a new form! <3 Well, not entirely new -   Nooze drew two tauric pictures of me a while back (you can find them yourself if you want :P ), but they weren't the greatest and some details I didn't find quite proper for me. But the idea of revamping from the old pics only hit me when I noticed that my survey's Alternate Forms question listed a taur-me as the 3rd most voted for form, behind only Yoshi-Charem and Charizard-Charem.

So, I presented the idea with   LustBubbles, who was somewhat art-blocked at the time. The idea hit a spark with her though, and while I pondered over and relayed the details, she drew up this wonderful drawing...complete with her Linoone form riding me all cute-like. <3 It's exactly what I was thinking of! ^..^

I am not a huge taur, keep in mind - LB's Linoone-anthro there is only 5 ft tall, which puts me vertically at about the same height (which is still much bigger than my normal form!). Of course, being tauric, I'm pretty thick-bodied and fairly long, so I still have a pretty massive frame. You'll also notice that my legs are all very thick and powerful - I could get into a strong gallop quite easily even with my chubbier frame. My back legs are particularly plump, a subtle indication that, yes, I have a very big horse-like butt. ^.^

There are a few other details that exist, but since this picture is clean and doesn't have them, they shall be discussed on a more appropriate picture later on. :3~ (But, yes, I do have room for 'coach-class' passengers in some certain 'places', as well as being able to support a couple riders on my back!)

Hope you guys enjoy. ;3 sways his big tail

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