Basking Under the Summer Sun (General Vers.) - by FairyTails by Charem

Basking Under the Summer Sun (General Vers.) - by FairyTails


15 April 2017 at 05:23:08 MDT

Every self-respecting lizard loves to just lie under some strong light now and then. Fire-type lizards are no different, though we tend to enjoy it even more! =3~ I'm always a lazy Charmeleon, so snoozing with my back against some soft grass and my underside heated by the sun's rays is paradise.

This was a cute and peaceful image drawn by   FairyTails. ^^ I'm not sure why she drew it, but it's really awesome. Plus, it's always vore or yiff with me, so getting the occasional nice, clean picture like this is a good change-up.

This is actually an edited version of the original image. The original is a bit more anatomically correct, but as such I have to make it Mature, so I decided to submit this General version as well. Simply hit the 'Newer' button to see the original, Mature-rated image. =3

(The Mature version is strangely a larger picture as well. :P I never noticed that until now.)