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Just For Starters! (#004 Charmander) - by LustBubbles by Charem

Just For Starters! (#004 Charmander) - by LustBubbles


Finding a Charmander for my little project (getting eaten by every starter Pokemon) wasn't going to be too much trouble. As a Charmeleon myself, I knew many youngsters of my kind. But one willing to eat an older version of themselves? Well, that would be a bit trickier...

...Normally, anyways. Fortunately, I knew just who to go to: my little brother Cham. =3 The energetic firesprout often found and enjoyed a trip down my gullet, but I had never thought to offer him the chance at a Char-meal. He was quite surprised at my offer, his eyes going wide at the thought. However, the thumping of his tail on the ground said the most!

I was careful with my smaller kin, giving him a full frontal rub-down to relax his muscles first. My paws kneaded the sides of his face, relaxing his jaws and showing him how to unhinge them, a necessary step for an undertaking such as this.

The blush of Cham's reddened cheeks accented well with his orange hide as I finally began, slipping my forepaws into his mouth, then throat. He gagged lightly at this, but I simply waited for him to acclimate to the feel of my paws before moving on. Slowly, surely, I wedged further, the tight muscles struggling--but managing--to handle such an expansion.

The smaller lizard muffle-whined as his jaws were parted more and more, but coupled the sound with several growls and purrs as well. Certainly it hurt a bit, but a Char's natural predatorial instincts and stubbornness showed through in Cham as well, who seemed to be getting more and more excited with each inch of my form that was crammed into his maw...

Sooner than I expected, the widest part of my form, my stomach, was just outside my brother's lips. I was losing my ability to push myself in at this point, and Cham found himself needing to take charge of his feeding. I had to hold back a yelp as he rolled his jaws, nipping his thankfully-not-fully-developed teeth into my hide as he 'chew-pulled' me further within. My gut was large, but quite pliable, and Cham discovered he could work it in one fold at a time, slowly but surely devouring my most succulent flesh.

And then, it was done. I could hear the little Char snort out a sigh as his jaws slightly relaxed; my belly was within his maw, his internal muscles already pulling and nudging at my fat without his effort needed. He panted for a bit, as I rubbed my paws about his belly (which had taken my upper potion almost no time to enter). But the firesprout knew he wasn't done quite yet, and soon I felt him tense up, steeling himself for the final half of me.

The Charmander's muscles had mostly gotten the hang of this 'stretching out' thing, however, and both of us were surprised as my rump slowly but smoothly slid past his lips. The copious amounts of drool my brother was producing could have certainly added to the ease; I was just glad my more sensitive areas did not need to be bitten-pulled in!

I patted Cham's head with my tail in encouragement. Only my legs and tail remained. The little fella shifted, balancing the weight of his distended belly to more comfortably remain on two legs. Remembering how I always finished my meals, he shakily tilted his head back, balancing my legs and tail above him. Happily, his experiment worked wonders, with gravity already causing me to slide downwards and further into his gullet. Purrling louder, my kin simply swallowed rhythmically, slurping his petite tongue along my thighs as my remaining parts slipped deeper.

And suddenly...Cham felt his jaws close together for the first time in what felt like an eternity. My waggling tail-tip saw on his tongue, allowing me to notice I had finally been completely shut-into my little brother.

"Guuulp!" went the final swallow, the Charmander's throat gaping quite wide and snatching up the remainder of my tail, eagerly threading it down his throat with the rest of my body. Soon, the stomach opening shut tightly closed, all of my form resting within the gurgly gut.

Cham chirred happily, his voice tired but still full of youthful energy. "I did it! I did it!" he exclaimed over and over again, his tail swinging wildly about and even thumping against his massive, stretched belly, which he now laid atop like a bird on its perch. I could barely hear him over the fast beat of his heart and the rapid churning of his belly around me, but his happiness was quite clear to me! I gave his walls a few slurps in reward, wriggling slowly about to give him a nice inner-massage. My little bro had done well in earning his meal!

This pricelessly-adorable image was drawn by   LustBubbles. ^..^ I gotta say, this is my favorite of the JFS series so far. Cham is just too cute! <3 <3

This pic is one of the "Just For Starters!" set. My goal is to be nommed by every starter Pokemon from the main games, including Black and White. This makes a total of 16 Pokemon, and thus 16 drawings that need drawn up! ^^ I'm seeking help with this collaborative project, and not too many of the Pokes have been drawn yet...take a look at the full details here, if you're interested:

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