Charem and the Lunch Buffet: Part 4 - by AnyaDServal by Charem

Charem and the Lunch Buffet: Part 4 - by AnyaDServal


15 April 2017 at 01:55:55 MDT

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Finally, the soup and pasta bar had been made barren by the Charmeleon's voracious appetite, only a few stray noodles and small puddles on the bottoms of pots to hint that there was once food at this location! The Pokemon struggled to remove himself from the station's middle bin - his ever-growing gut having conformed to its shape - but soon he had succeeded and foomph'ed down onto the ground, his wobbly-soft belly breaking his fall.

The mountainous belly continued to growl, its noises growing more and more constant even now! 'You're impossible to please...' the reptile sighed, scanning to see what was next on the menu. The salad bar soon caught his eye... It was always a good idea to eat some greens with your meal; then you can tell people you ate healthy! The Pokemon slowly scooted to the station, his four paws barely able to make traction on the ground at this point.

With a great deal of determination (most definitely added by his ever-hungry belly), the lizard climbed upon the bar's tray shelf, which bent noticeably downwards with his weight! The smell of the fresh fruits and veggies appealed to the Charmeleon's less-known herbivorous side, and the Charmeleon planted his squishy mass in the middle of the misty foods, ready to engorge upon the healthy foods!

But first...

Noticing the large gallon containers of multiple dressings on one end of the bar, the Pokemon hoisted them up with his flabby arms and drowned his muzzle with their thick, tasty contents, one after another! 'If I'm gonna be eating ALL this salad would taste a heck of a lot better if I drank the dressing first!' the lizard reasoned to himself, neglecting his earlier health-focused thoughts entirely in the process!

The Char-gut, which grew only flabbier with the addition of the fatty dressings, rumbled in happy satisfaction to this decision. Still, it continued to growl wantingly, telling the firelizard that he wasn't anywhere NEAR done yet!...

Part 4 of 5. :3~ This is an awesome comic done by   anyadserval. Full description on the final page.