Do You Like Vore? Let's Find Out! - by BenihimeShido by Charem

Do You Like Vore? Let's Find Out! - by BenihimeShido


15 April 2017 at 01:50:54 MDT

[Edit: Please F5/refresh. :3 I noticed JPG artifacts in the original submission and have tweaked most of them away using GIMP. The new version now looks a lot better!]

Yes, this is fun for the both of us! Or maybe for just me. But who cares about such tiny details, hmm? glomp

If you're not sure you're into vore, coming to me on the matter is both the best and worst thing for you to do! :P My...'initiation methods'...are quite effective at leaning fence-sitters either towards or against vore. Basically, if they settle down in my gut, they show they like vore. If they cause a ruckus and thump against my belly, then they show they don't like vore. It's easy! :3

Oh, of course I let them out either way. Eventually.

This was drawn by   benihimeshido, with Shido's Umbreon character Ashton being my meal. :3~ Shido asked if he could include me in a vore comic, and I was happy to assist Ashton's vore development. ^.^ Thanks again for the cute pic, Shido!