A 'Light' Binging - by BunearyK by Charem

A 'Light' Binging - by BunearyK


15 April 2017 at 01:43:29 MDT

Nom! Another day, another Raichu eaten. <3 Such a meal would fill up most Charmeleons, but for me, this was just a snack... Patting my belly, I resolved to find many more things to eat soon...!

See the sequel pic, "A More Filling Binge!"!

This was drawn by BunearyK on DeviantArt, who does such a wonderful job drawing cute, pudgy Pokémon! ^.^

(PS: I don't actually have hair, but BunearyK draws her Chars with hair usually. :3 It's a cute stylistic thing.)

[EDIT: Decided to touch up the image a bit, so refresh the page for a better-cropped and cleaner version. =P]