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A Warning About Eating Spoinks... by Charem

A Warning About Eating Spoinks...


A cautionary note about nomming a Spoink, the bounciest Pokémon in existence. :P Poor, poor Bagon.

This was drawn up by me...and me alone! ^.^ Gosh, it's nice to draw something completely by myself.

I stole the Rattata's pose from a trading card though, since I was getting a little lazy at that point in the drawing. XD The Dex entry is partly constructed from Spoink's article on Bulbapedia, though I customized it a lot too.

I suck at hats, but I think the graduate hat turned out okay. Also yay for learning how to use Gimp more effectively! =P (More specifically, curved words YAY!)

I drew this for a Meme I started, the "Two Random Pokémon" MEME! It's mostly for artists and writers; using a random number generator, you randomly generate two of the 493 PKMN out there, and then draw/write them together! I ended up with Spoink and Bagon. :3

Go take a look at my Meme journal for more info: