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Play Wif Me? - by Corgeh by Charem

Play Wif Me? - by Corgeh


Y'know, it's times like this that I realize how rewarding it can be to browse furry sites OTHER than FA, once and a while. <3 This wonderful, WONDERFUL picture was drawn by Corgeh, who is located on Eka's Portal -> here <-, and located on DeviantArt -> here <- . Her commission prices are very fair, so I bought this after looking through the rest of her clean, professional artwork. <3

Corgeh is quite the fan of vore and does not shy away from drawing 'naughty bits', but I chose to keep this picture clean. You see, one of my long-time desires has been to have a really awesome picture of my Char-self on a t-shirt... This is what this commission's main purpose was. <3 (I placed this drawing on a shirt on a custom shirt maker's website and ordered it a few days ago! I'll definitely take a photo of the tee when it arrives! )

This was a complex commission for Corgeh...I needed to have the picture to be socially acceptable (aka clean), but at the same time, I wanted my submissive and 'open' nature to be revealed... I think she succeeded, don't you? ;3 I look delightfully humpable in this, even though there's not a bit of sexual explicitness...and my drooling maw shows my vorish nature as well! (The pose, if you were curious, is based off of a dog's position when they roll onto their backs for a belly rub. n..n )

What's more...I have to say, that this is the absolutely most accurate picture of myself that I've ever received! Every detail is precisely right in this picture. From my colors to the level of chub to the length of my tail to the appearance of my collar to the arrangement of my footpads... This is perfect. <3 Not a small feat to achieve, since my details can be very subtle at times. But yes...if you were ever confused about what teh Char looks like, look no further than this utterly adorable and sexy example of me! <3 <3 <3 This is me, Charem, at my best! n..n

NOTE: I just removed the transparent background, so the background is now a now comfortable-to-see white. Hit refresh!