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Charem the Shadoxian! (Clean Version) by Charem

Charem the Shadoxian! (Clean Version)


This is just a quick edit off of the adult version, which you can view here: I'm mainly uploading this version in case of need of reference later - which is why this is going in my Scraps. :3 If you like adult things, I recommend looking at the adult version, as it has more going on!

You can say many things about dragons, but 'big' is usually a word that fits a majority of them. Shadoxians are no exception. These dragons are eastern, and quite lithe and serpentine in their structure like most eastern dragons... Or they would be, if they didn't also have simply GIGANTIC appetites - yes, gigantic even for dragons~ As such, the typical Shadoxian will look almost western-dragon-like, with their titantically-heavy bellies swaying below their frame and plumping out their middles. Even so, that snake-like tail still shows their oriental origins, being longer than the rest of the Shadoxian...even if it, too, is quite packed with flab!

Even without all that inevitable weight gain, a Shadoxian is no small creature. Typically standing about 40 ft tall from head to feet while on all fours, and with a full body length (counting tail) of 150 ft, these fellas are truly-towering macros! At least they do have a generally-gentle disposition, unless they're hungry... Which is all the time, so... Uh-oh...!

Oh...and like most dragons, Shadoxians DO love having a following of worshipers. Apply today! Though a tiny-bug-person is only worth a minuscule amount of calories to such a drake, eating a throng of followers is a good way to add a few pounds~ You'll be of GREAT help in the long run. ;3

I created my Shadoxian Air form first - my planedragon form. As I said in that submission, I was inspired by the planedragon craze, and that's why I did it. HOWEVER, even before the craze, I'd pondered having a draconic form. Everybody loves dragons, me included, after all... The only problem was, dragons are SO popular, I knew I needed something unique to work off of...I didn't want it to be a boring form. Which is why I held off for a while.

Thanks to the whole planedragon craze, I became inspired, and came up with the hook that would work for both planedragon and dragon forms: an Eastern build, but so fat that it looks Western. I love western dragons a lot more, honestly; the stocky frames simply mesh better with me, as I've never been a huge fan of serpentine builds like Easterns have. HOWEVER, I noticed a huge exception, seeing fat Eastern dragons before, as well as voracious ones: I love a slender frame made plump. So that was the concept I took to drawing.

And yes, Shadoxian's the term for this form/species! It's a mix of 'Shadox' and 'Draconian'. I think it sounds appropriately draconic!

This is also a first for me: I've had some bigger forms/characters before, but this (and my planeform) is the first MACRO I've ever had. ;3 If the sizes I stated above don't make my size too clear, then take a look at this image of all my forms/characters together alongside my Shadoxian:

So what do you guys think? Comments are EXTREMELY welcome on this one, as I'm super-happy with this project! This makes me feel like I'm actually - shock - a decent artist. XD