Mr Queasy plush toy by ChaPowStudios

Mr Queasy plush toy


13 September 2016 at 12:18:38 MDT

This is the newest product in my shop! I have mixed feelings about it, but Andrew says it looks really good.

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    I am not sure what it is either...............but it looks pretty solid as a plush. :)

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      Andrew showed me the scene in the show (Steven Universe), but it was a pretty short bit and I still don't understand the character.... However, it's become the number one viewed page in my shop since it's been up. That says something, right?

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        There's still a pretty big "Steven Universe" how "Adventure Time" started out. And I think over time (like "Adventure Time") the series will still have a very dedicated, if smaller, fanbase. :)

        I wonder if there's a way you might make like character face mini-pillows of the Gem characters? It seems to me that given the design of many of of the faces could be popular, if you weren't ambitious enough to try a full character. hmmmm

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          They actually have a lot of toys that appear in the series. I got the reference picture for Mr. Queasy off a "all the toys in Steven Universe" wiki. So there are options.... It's just a matter of how much I want to try and bite off this holiday season, you know?

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            You can always try one or two when you're between others and then see what you get offered for them. :)