Piggycorn v 2.0 by ChaPowStudios

Piggycorn v 2.0


2 February 2016 at 12:15:44 MST

This is the second pattern I’ve tried for Piggycorn. I made this pattern myself. I was trying for more of an “anime plush” feel, since I’m thinking about branching out in that direction.

Overall, there are some good things: a nice, fat head-to-body ratio, the hairline (that you really can’t see because piggycorn is all pink) and the cape… But the bad things seem really blaringly obvious. The huge thighs. The outlandishly long arms (which were NOT that long in the pattern!!) and the fact that it’s gigantic all around. I’m not super happy with it, but it’s a learning experience.

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    This version is really cute! :D

    I think it falls into the anime chibi designs though, where the legs are really thick in proportion to the body (and even arms)...admittedly, I've begun drawing my chibis in a style like that. Especially my animal/anthro ones. :)

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      Yeah, I was "adapting" the pattern off my favorite anime plush... But Piggycorn did not turn out much like Zelgadiss, unfortunately. -_-; Oh well, there's room to improve.

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        It might be scary if Piggycorn turned out exactly like Zelgadiss. chuckle

        I bet you can figure out how to make it look more amazing next time! :D