Well I decided to give this site a try and I have to say I'm rather impressed with it. I like the layout and the way a lot of it works so I think I'll be spending more time here. I hope you'll all enjoy~

Until I can get everything up and running though, you can find most of my work on my FA



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Commission information (PLEASE READ)

on 1 July 2013 at 22:16:12 MDT

As I have still yet to find work I am still taking commissions. However I am 'revamping' the information a little bit.

Those of you who would like a writing commission, you can find the prices on my front page. The cameo gets you some alone time with Tanja in one of my House of Debauchery stories. The personal story will be five to seven pages long, like Tanja's, but can be up to eight characters who you have rights to or most of my own.

For prices on digital art, check my gallery here.

Onto the rules.

To commission me you can note me here with COMMISSION as the subject line. Please be sure to review my guidlines and speak with me before sending payment. I currently only accept payments through paypal. You can find my buy button at the top of my tumblr page. Please use the 'buy now' when making your payment. Be sure to include your Weasyl name when making the payment. Do NOT include any details regarding your commission please. All I need is your name to know what the payment is for.

I accept both SFW and NSFW commissions on all counts. Just because my gallery is full of porn doesn't mean that's all I draw. I have a SFW version of my listings on my Tumblr for those who use their mature filter.

Things I will not draw or write:

Fart, Scat and Vomit.

Super Muscle. I don't like drawing muscles for a normal character so drawing that much more would be too frustrating. Sorry.

Cub. If you want something that is NOT sexual I do not mind. I can handle kiddy adventures or school yard rumbles but I absolutely will not do child porn. Here in the U.S. it's illegal to even view it, even completely fictional works, let alone produce it. And while the age of consent is 16 in several states, you have to be 18 to appear in adult works so that is where I set my limit.

Gore and Vore. Honestly this is more for the fact that I have never delved into this before and ergo have no experience with it. I am willing to give it a try but I just cannot guarantee it will be as good.

Apart from those listed above I'm pretty loosey goosey but there may be others I'm not willing to do. As I cannot think of them now, they are likely very obscure or at least very low key. If you're in doubt, drop me a note and we can discuss it.

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