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No minors welcome! If you are under 18, no matter where you come from, you are not welcome here. I do not want minors looking at my art, reading my journals, or interacting with me in any way! No exceptions!

My account consists of a lot Diaper/Vore themed kinks. You have been warned.

However just because I draw, and enjoy these kinks, doesn't mean I have to include it if you are interested in one of my adoptables. I'm happy to stick to more tame stuff if that is what my customers want.

Please keep in mind that I work off of bases for my adoptables.

I do not take requests, or commissions at this time. I do however do custom Adoptable orders.

Other Contact Info
Kritch Deeptaker#6860 Discord

Fursona/Personal info.

Some of you might know me as Laz Kobold, and I'll still go by that name because I still relate to Laz. However after much thought I've decided to change my fursona for the time being. After being EbonMaw for a while I decided to give my Skaven a whirl. So for now I'm Kritch Deeptaker, though you can call me any of my previous sonas.

Among the Skaven race there is one faction that holds sway more than any other. The Gray Seer's of The Horned Rat. These Wizard Priests lead their brethren in the ways of their Horned God, and are quick to threaten divine retribution. Even if it isn't theirs to threaten at times. While some Gray Seers have held this positions for many years, like any part of Skaven Society, the quickest way to advance is to knife the rat above you on the ladder and take his spot. Kritch Deeptaker is a relatively new Gray Seer, who has only recently graduated his apprenticeship under the Seers and survived the Labyrinth of The Horned Rat.

While Kritch is a young Skaven he has great ambition in his brain to take the highest position he can. A seat on the council of thirteen. He's quick, and will jump for any chance to push himself higher up in the rankings of Gray Seers. Like any Gray Seer who has graduated he is skilled in magic, but is also cunning as well. Beyond that Kritch has a few oddities above the normal Skaven. For one he's obsessed with making his horns larger to impress the Horned Rat. This is what lead to the start of his addiction to Warpstone Dust. A normally fatal drug used to enhance the magical skill of the consumer, Kritch has an addiction that is considered staggering by Skaven standards. He takes it daily, which has lead to several mild forms of madness, and several mutations. His green glowing eyes being the most clear one. He giggles uncontrollably at times, even when asleep. However it has made him far more durable than he should be, though he lacks the physical strength that often comes with such mutation.

Among the Skaven they might consider Kritch's method of worship very odd. He sees The Horned Rat not only as his god, but his creator, and what can only be described as a divine Daddy/Son relationship. He truly sees The Horned Rat as his Father, and sole creator. Even though he was born from a Skaven Broodmother like all of his kind. While he will take lovers, and form relationships with others, in his dreams he is with The Horned Rat who heaps praises on him. Telling him he is his favorite, and whispering plans to advance him in his ears. While many consider this simply a side effect of his Warpstone fueled mind, he has yet to suffer any sign of The Horned Rat's disfavor. Leaving some of the older Seer's baffled.



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