Paula's Puppies by ChaosCanine

Paula's Puppies


19 January 2016 at 18:18:26 MST

"Emaciated and clad with battle scars, a pit bull is hours away from being euthanized in an animal shelter in Atlanta, GA. She had been there for mere hours, but her breed would be her fate. Meanwhile in NC, a member of South of the Bully pit bull rescue discovered a picture of a beautiful brindle pit bull online. This dog would be saved. She was rescued right before death and brought back to NC, and finally given a name: Paula. Paula is the sweetest dog, and a foster mom snatches her up quickly. However, upon her first visit to the vet, the rescue learns that she has intestinal worms and heartworms. The foster mom won't take her. So she came to us. Before we get her fixed and treated for heartworms, her belly starts to grow. We assume it is the intestinal worms. Soon, however, little kicks and bumps can be felt inside her belly. The vet had never said anything about the dog being pregnant. Surprise. Two weeks later, she goes into labor, still heartworm positive since the treatment can't be given until after she has the babies. The first puppy is born. Paula is in hard labor for the next three hours without another puppy coming. Something is wrong; one had gotten stuck in the birth canal. After taking her to the vet, an emergency c-section brings the rest of the puppies into the world. There were seven total, but two didn't make it.
The puppies are now being fostered at our house until they are old enough to be away from Paula. The efforts of the rescue ended up saving not just one life, but six."
-True events that happened over the past month to renegadeisamonster and her family.

A school assignment to create the first page of a graphic novel that will entice the reader to want to read more.

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