Flower Dragon by Chaos

Flower Dragon


19 January 2014 at 12:32:32 MST

Whenever I play Flower [Made by that game company, released in 2009 -- same company that made the much more popular Journey]

I always saw the wind and the very distinct shape the petals followed when you got a lot of them. and how plants all magically came back to life at the blooming of a flower that lost a petal to the wind.

Put simply, Much of my enjoyment from this game comes from imagination. The peaceful nature and music, the flight, and the way you can flip and turn the trial of flower petals in an almost serpentine way.

Invisible life-giving dragons.

I had a lot of trouble with design on this one. Kept changing things, changing colors, changing color back, trying different layer settings [some looked damn awesome and fitting for a spirit dragon, but it wouldn't show the amount of work that went into making the flat colors D:]

But Yes. I like to play flower sometimes. And How awesome would it be to play as a dragon? one that helps rather than a beast thats like BURN IT ALL <3

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    Very well done. I love the way this flows.

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    Gorgeous. Asian dragons don't get enough attention