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Friends in High Places by Changer the Elder

Friends in High Places

Changer the Elder

"With friends in high places, you hold all the aces."

Finally colored. Phew. I'm still not sure if this was torture or fun. Probably both. Which means I'm a masochist. I must say I had some nagging suspicions about that for a while, anyway.

Friends in High Places is a tie-in to the Borderline graphic novel (wow, fancy word, not sure if I can call my scribbles that way), featuring a 24 pages backstory of Liz Callahan and her partner Sabre, aka this awesome urban exploring high-rise building climbing duo. And since it's getting printed, I wanted to make sure it gets an appropriate cover. I was aiming for western comic book style cover - clean, with crisp lineart and gradient-based coloring. I've neved done anything like this before on furry characters, so that was kinda interesting to watch. It looks kinda good in print, I must say. I can't wait to see it lettered.

No, it's not Polish furs claiming independence on the rest of the world. It's not my fault flags come with a limited color variety.

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    wow, great perspective there!

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    Awesome perspective and use of texture!