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Liliana by Chandraken



2 December 2014 at 10:20:39 MST

I was a lucky asshole and won a free raffle for a Starweaver from   deletethestars which you can see here:

NATURALLY I have had to draw her XD

This is Liliana
Liliana owns a private business devoted to the many different arts of relaxation. Whether you need fine wines, hearty foods, a good sleep or pleasurable company, her tapestry of skills leaves every guest free of the woes that once afflicted them. Why? Because a relaxed soul is a generous one, and thanks to Liliana's clients she is an exceedingly wealthy individual. She holds secrets and knowledge that has slipped from the lips of her customers in their bliss, but she doesn't blackmail. Discretion is what makes her so popular among those she invites in, so to use that over people would naturally be bad for business. Instead people afford her discreet luxuries; tax exemptions, protection, precious gems....
Liliana doesn't discriminate, but entry to her world requires invitation. Rumours of her talents are spread far and wide, and people dream of the day their welcoming arrives.

  gemexchange has a whole heap of stardragon stuff, go check the group out :D