Lily pond by Chandraken

Lily pond


7 September 2015 at 10:29:24 MDT

This is a backlog update! I keep forgetting to update here ;w;

Hey everyone ;w;

This has been my ongoing project to help get me out of my art funk. I decided I wanted to practice painting and instead of setting myself a small task I wanted to go full on and dive into something tough! This was very heavily inspired by a trip to a local pond in a forest, and all I could think about was how peaceful it would be to float on the water, so why not have Lune do it instead?

I am very proud of this. I haven't been so pleased with something in a while, and working on depth perception like this is really a first for me! There's so much going on and it felt really good to be drawing something for myself and pushing my skill

I now want to do even more paintings >w<

I really hope you like it too! Thanks for your patience guys <3

psssst; her name is Lune! Not Lily xD


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    Just beautiful colors!

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    This is probably one of my favorites from you simply for the coloring style and how everything just feels painterly.

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      This is how I would like my style to go more, but atm I dont have the dedicated time to make them all like this....yet _