Companion by Chaki-O5


You have grown across the stars. Countless species you consumed. You survived the onslaught of millions of individuals. One of the ambassadors from the far reaches of the galaxy talked about companionship in their species. Something stung when they talked about their social structure. You wanted to experience this.
You endured, but you feel alone. There is another. A being like you, with millions of bodies, but you're afraid that at some point you will try to devour each other. No option. It's time to work yourself.
You already had experimented with computersystems to deal free up some of your thoughts. Now it would become the groundwork for something groundbraking. Thousands of bodies begun their work in faraway starclusters, converting the crust of a few of your worlds into artificial sporeclusters, imitating your own. Soon, in this new cradle, a new mind would awake and it wouldn't need a blueprint to make sense of the world.
Already, you feel the eyes of the lesser sentients spying on your doings. Their ambassadors are nervous, dancing around the topic as if they're afraid to make you angry. Your goal is clear.

You'd let it eat, grow and survive.

You wouldn't be alone for long.



21 July 2019 at 02:39:35 MDT

A thrilling sequel!

How do you relate to someone if your way of thinking is far away from most individualistic species? Easy, you make something yourself.

The Finu are a Stellaris (Fungal Hivemind) species i created and am currently playing.

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