Eat And Grow by Chaki-O5

Eat And Grow

Eat. Grow. Survive.

This was the universal truth from the start, when you first gained consciousness, when a simple fungal lifeform became sentient. You were the first on your planet to do so and the planet provided you with plenty to eat and grow, and with that, gave you a blueprint on how to grow even further.
From your caves, you expanded and became a wood and a mountain. Then a nation.
Another became sentient, but it was discordant, it's many bodies confused, killing and devouring itself without any guiding principle. Some resisted, but you put an end to their confusion. Now they are part of your body, working with you to grow and survive. The nation became a continent and soon after, you were the planet, your fungal growth running in giant strands through the jungles and crust of your home.
You became the blueprint, absorbed the knowledge evolution gave you and you started to wonder. Was there a bigger design that you are supposed to follow? You keep thinking about this, but you remembered.

Eat. Grow. Survive.

Your attention fell to the stars...

Eat And Grow


21 July 2019 at 02:39:13 MDT

The backstory to the species i am currently playing in Stellaris. If you've never heard of the game, check it out. It's a 4X game, with heavily customizable species and some very in-depth mechanics. If you know Paradox other games, you get an idea on how the game plays. Kinda Europa Universalis meets Master of Orion.

I imagined the Finu as being a hivemind fungus that controls bodies, the game got me an appropriate portrait and then the stories kind happened on their own.

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