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Loss by Chakat Stripedfur

<disclaimer> All of the characters contained herein belong solely to Katmandu, and are used with permition. All other uses, unless permited by Katmandu, are prohibited. </disclaimer>


Dearest Liska.

I have loved you always, since before the fight over the waterskin,
yet I have been unable to tell you until now.

I have watched as Rial took you to his bed,
aching to do the same; yet forced to keep my feelings hidden.

Now he is gone, and my heart aches for a different reason.

I was always jealous of my brother for having you as a mate,
but somehow that doesn't seem important anymore.

We mourn, and I am forced to say good-bye to the best life-long friend,
childhood playmate, and brother I ever had.

I know it is too soon for you, and you want me to accept you as merely mate and not wife,
yet I love you more than that.

I can only hope that, with time, you can come to love me as I love you;
and not just as father to your kits.

Until then I must be content to share your furs at night,
and hope that one day you will return my love.

Love always,



Chakat Stripedfur

This is another of the three 'letter-style' poems I wrote for Mike at Katmandu. This one is written from Pyndan to Liska. The first one was written from Hessta to Pyndan, and the last one is written from Liska to Pyndan, as a response to Loss.

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