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Jake by Chakat Stripedfur


There he is.

The best thing that ever happened to me, yet he is unaware.
Unaware of my feelings for him, of my need for him...of my love for him.

He stands there, perfect in every way; and yet he is not mine, so how perfect is that?

I dream of him nightly now.
Of his warm lips pressed lovingly against mine, of his fur rubbing against me.

The agony of it almost to much for me to bear, as I fear it will be soon.

How will I ever let him know? How can I tell him something for which there are no words, only emotions?

Besides, he already has a mate. Not to mention a LifeMate.

How could I ever hope to compete with them? How can I ever hope to compete with their love for each other?

My body aches to be touched by him, to feel his hands slowly caress my body. But in reality I can only dream, for I know it will never happen.

I can only watch as he looks at his mate and LifeMate with love in is eyes, and at me with only friendship.

Now the alarm sounds, so I have to put an end to my dreams for now. To be continued later when there is more time, for time is the only thing that I can ever hope to spend with him.

Fox Katlin


Chakat Stripedfur

This is another poem from the SWAT Kats fandom I was involved in for a while, with my SK character Fox Katlin. Rated Moderate (13+) for slightly suggestive themes.

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