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The Digi Rap by ChakatDeirdre

The Digi Rap


7 August 2015 at 16:23:26 MDT

Riding home in Dei's car from the MNFurs Picnic the rain that threatened the picnic all day finally arrives. Dei, Nanook, Krios, and Jac all head to Dei's place for some after time Smash Brothers and Anime.
"I wonder what's happening in the Mewtwo mobile," someone says referring to the car Cyrus and Royal Saber are in.
"Perhaps this can be the Digimon mobile because we have a Flamedramon?" Another brings up.
Soon there is much fumbling with cellphones as Dei connects hir cell phone to hir new car stereo.
"Play Digimon Theme," Dei tries the voice recognition of Android Auto.
Google Now starts playing the Digimon theme in a foreign language.
"Wait is this Portuguese?" Jac asks.
Everyone laughs as Krios shakes his head, "Really guys?"
Dei hands hir phone over to Nanook for the sabertoothed Lynx to find hir copy of movie soundtrack.
A few minutes later and Nanook grins as the starting of the extended Digi Rap.
"Wait, are we really doing this guys?" Krios asks everyone in Disbelief as it begins.
"Digimon, Digital Monsters, Digimon are the CHAMPIONS!" The other three starts singing in unison to the playing song.

It isn't long until Krios joins in with the next verse as all four spend the rest of the trip singing to the Digimon The Movie Soundtrack as they drive through a Sever Thunderstorm to Dei's house.

A gift to those in the car for that epic ride. ^.^

Art as almost always by dice dice
Chakat Deirdre is Copyright hir player
Nanook belongs to CresylWolf
Krios is the property of kriosk
Jac belongs to his Jac Jac

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