What Once Was Eden Chapter 5 Part 1 of 4 by Chaaya.Chandra

What Once Was Eden Chapter 5 Part 1 of 4


31 July 2020 at 14:36:18 MDT

From now on all updates will be on Friday. This puts it on the same schedule for all three furry sites I post on and meets the contract requirements for posting the story, which was supposed to be no more than once a week. I talked the publisher into an exception to get caught up on the two sites that were started later. I'll dedicate Mondays to new artwork as long as more is coming in and I'll continue to do the writing tips posts on Tuesdays. I'm a little sad to have to reduce the number of posts. While hardly a huge talk fest, this site gets the most feedback of the three. (Scary huh) and I love to hear from people as often as possible. As I've said, I don't get a lot of feedback for my writing so I highly value what I do get.

What Once was Eden is Book Two of A Ship Called Hope, the prequal trilogy to my Sajani Tails series. The books are part of the Terah game world by Rossi Publishing Games. You can find the print and digital versions of the first book here. The Amazon Kindle version is also available, as well as one for Apple Books. You can search Chaaya Chandra to find me.

The books posted here are not self contained so you'll want to start on book one Fugitive's Trust. (Also called A Ship Called Hope, the original title) Fur Affinity or Weasyl.

Before she rose to be the pirate queen of Terah, Sajani was a rather selfish and uncaring petty criminal. Sent to Rhidayar to go to school, the fifteen year old wants nothing more than to return home to her friends and continue her shadowy lifestyle.

When the chance presents itself, she takes up with an escaped vykati slave and tries to make her way back to Drtithen. What should be a difficult trip quickly turns deadly when the human nation not only mounts an all out assault on the young pair, but also begins to prepare to go to war with Vharkylia.

Notes on the previous installment.
Well, the biggest note is that I wasn't paying attention and that first scene from last week isn't supposed to be there. It's way out of order. Ooopsie. Other than that, there's not much, its been fun taking things from when I was a teenager and putting them into the book and that's most of what's happening in What Once Was Eden. Have fun. The proof copies arrived Monday and I got to borrow a copy for editing. I sometimes get a proof copy, but mostly it's for making editing changes and then I may or may not see it again, depending on if it's given away as a promotion. Why do people care that I find mistakes? Well duh! Doesn't everyone? You can literally (and I mean that word) keep editing a book forever. At least I can. You think of a new joke or new scene or realize (like I found yesterday) that you refer to a transport in The Wolf's Pawn as transport one and they only have one. They haven't stolen the rest yet.

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