Tess by Chaaya.Chandra



6 July 2020 at 07:40:06 MDT

This is Tess. She's a vykati pirate and this illo is from the back of Faux Scent, the second Sajani Tails book. I posted the 3d print of her earlier and wanted to show the difference between the print and how she looks in the book. She has a peg leg, but those are close to impossible to print standing.

Her fur is also a little lighter in color and her black markings are clearer. She also looks more like a wolf and less like a schnauzer. I'd love to get Golden Druid's version of this character. Or just about any furry artist's version..


For those that haven't read the book yet... a little fun thing to do... pay attention to how Tess is dressed in the different scenes. She dresses specifically for what she's doing and it ends up being important to the story. You can read it just fine without paying attention to that, but it'll make the "aha" moment when you find out why, that much more dramatic.

In the next Sajani Tails book, Ginger makes a mechanical leg for her (and a jet pack for Chass). I'll try to remember to post a spoiler from that book next week instead of art. Remind me.

art (c)2018 Hugo Solis and Rossi Publishing Games
The artist is "butterfrog" on DA.

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