CHARITY AUCTION - Cherry Cordial Dutch Angel Dragon Partial by CFStudios

CHARITY AUCTION - Cherry Cordial Dutch Angel Dragon Partial


15 December 2017 at 12:10:58 MST

The holidays can be tough for everyone, but are immeasurably difficult for those who have lost the support of their families and friends due to who they are and who they love. That's why we're hosting an auction and donating 75% off the proceeds to the Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization (BRAVO for short)!

BRAVO is an organization that one of our members not only interned at, but later became a board member of. They're a non-profit orginzation based out of Columbus, Ohio that provides community resources and programs for LGBTQ survivors of hate violence, discrimination, sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence. A number of their services include:
-support groups
-education and community outreach
-self defense programs
-violence documentation for hate crimes, domestic violence, stalking, etc.
-LGBTQ safety regarding housing, work, or school
-survivor advocacy in hospitals and courtooms

...and many more! Please have a look at their website for more information and resources.

BRAVO is a fantastic organization that we truly believe does good work for the LGBTQ community. So many of us don't have support from our families because of who we love or how we identify, some even lose their homes, and that really hurts during the holidays. The people at BRAVO know what it's like to grow up fighting for who you are and have turned that passion and love into fighting for others and helping them feel empowered through terrible situations. BRAVO is currently working toward expanding throughout the rest of the state and could really use your help right now.

This is a way to give to an organization that genuinely works their hardest to better the world, and a way to get something in return!

If you can't afford the auction, spreading the word helps us tremendously. Plus it's free! You can also donate any amount of your choosing to BRAVO directly - every dollar helps.

You can boost from any of our other social media accounts, or repost with a link back to us and the auction!