Cyber Monday Adoptable Fullsuit Slot Sale! (Old Designs) by CFStudios

Cyber Monday Adoptable Fullsuit Slot Sale! (Old Designs)


27 November 2017 at 01:19:24 MST

We have several new designs as well as some old ones we're bringing back with a sale! 10% off of these new pre-designed fullsuit commission slots, 15% off of old ones from midnight 11/26/2017 to midnight 11/27/2017 PST. After Cyber Monday they'll be back down to 5% and 10% off respectively, so this is your only chance for the discount! We will base when we receive emails around PST.

First come first served, no holds. This mean the person who pays the downpayment first[ seals the slot.These prices are fixed and this is not an auction. By purchasing one of these, you're getting a commission slot for a fullsuit made by us and will be put at the end of our current queue. "Lace" the bat is the only partial available and the other designs cannot be made into partials. We will not sell the designs themselves, you must get the fullsuit. Our earliest slot available is January 2019, so after the downpayment there is a long time to pay it off! We will do payment plans, not including the downpayment.

These suits will be done in our toony style, we are not necessarily mimicking the style of the artists shown. They do not include add ons other than those stated, but we are willing to add some and make small design changes. Please keep in mind that we are limited by dyelots but will match colors as accurately as possible. Check out the price guide on our website for an idea of what we do and don't offer!

All of our slots require a 30% nonrefundable downpayment and we charge a 5% sales and handling tax not included in the given price. Be sure to brush up on our TOS! We require the downpayment within 24hrs of you contacting us about a design.

If interested, please email us at

We want to shorten our (currently very long) queue time, and the only way to do that is to work through our current slots without taking too many new ones! Because of this, we don't know the next time we will be opening for custom orders. If you want something from us you should consider grabbing one of these designs!

Listed below are prices at discount and prices at commission, as well as calculated downpayments not including the 5% sales and handling tax.


Colorful Dutch Angel Dragon
Cyber Monday 15% Discount: $2850
Post CM 10% Discount: $3000 (30% = $900)
Price at Commission: $3350

Designed by OneEyedJack on FA. Includes hooves, small detailed wings made of minky, feathered floor dragger tail, hand claws, and detailed markings.

Cyber Monday 15% Discount: $2550
Post CM 10% Discount: $2700 (30% = $810)
Price at Commission: $3000

Designed by GoldCat on FA. Includes minky feathers shown on ear, no add ons except for complex markings. This is even cheaper than our base price for a fullsuit!

Lace Fruit Bat Partial
Cyber Monday 15% Discount: $1950
Post CM 10% Discount: $2000 (30% = $600)
Price at Commission: $2300

Designed by CFStudios! This is the only partial available for our opening. Includes puffy paws, removable chest puff as seen on pancans, large complex minky armwings, and lots of lace patterns.