Clarification for Cyber Monday suit deal! by CFStudios

Clarification for Cyber Monday suit deal!


25 November 2017 at 12:14:50 MST

Some clarification on our Cyber Monday deal, plus some teasers for the new designs available!

We will only be open for adoptable fursuit slots , meaning we have six designs available that people can choose from and have made into a suit. No pieces have been pre-made ; only the design is pre-existing and all pieces will be made to the buyer's specifications to fit them.

We are not taking 100% custom commission slots (where you come to us with your own design) for the Cyber Monday sale and do not yet know the next time we'll be open for them.

That isn't to say we won't be open for them ever again! The reason for this is because we are currently trying to shorten our queue, but would really like the opportunity to make these designs into suits! We will open again for custom commissions in the future, and we are always open for quotes on customs.

The adoptable designs WILL be public on Monday, Patrons just get early access to information and snagging the slots!

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