The Big Balls Meme! by Cevlock

The Big Balls Meme!


28 February 2014 at 15:43:30 MST

Oh snap! One of these things?! Gosh, I thought they were extinct!

But anywho! Here we go again with one of these! The Big Balls version! Go ahead and take the big balls challenge and prove your worth!

*BUT STOP! Don't use this version! Right here I have a much higher resolution version for you to draw on! *

And here is a version with no shading at all! As well as being the Photoshop document!

Tag your friends and spread the joy of plentiful seed!!

Thank you guys and have fun!

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    Had a lot of fun with this one!

    Would you like me to offer you a collection of this or nah?

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      I dont even know how collections work, lmao.

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        If I sent you one and you accept, then this picture will show in your collections and also notify your watchers. USUALLY it's good if let's for say, someone drew you a picture of your characters. They would send you a collection. Instead of you uploading it to your gallery and their are doubles.

        I haven't seen people use it for memes though, so it is your choice ^ ^

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          Ah I see! Nice. If you'd like to send me a collection notice then!