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I am the line artist for the works that you see in this gallery. I collaborate with Magic Clam and Lorien077. They both have their own pages here on Weasyl which I have listed below. First, I sketch everything out in pencil and then ink the drawings. After planning and discussion of ideas for colors, I hand off my line arts to my artist friends so that they may bring them to life with color. Magic Clam is a master of colored pencils and Lorien is a master of Copic markers. She has also expanded to doing digital coloring as well. Together, the three of us form Psionic Trilobite Studios!

The Cervidian universe is an original creation of mine was first developed from an inspiring vision back in 1994. Magic Clam has worked with me for the last 15 years on developing this world and Lorien has worked with me for last 5 years on further expanding it. This fictional world includes multiple anthro and humanoid races that are established in a science fiction/fantasy setting. The Cervidians (deer people) are the heart of my inspiration and they will be turning 20 years old soon. There are other principle races in the Cervidian universe which include Mornecians (antelope-like race with bushy tails), Lastosh (lemur people), and Nim (blue-skinned humanoids). The Nim were originally created by Magic Clam. There is an epic story that has been under development for years that will include many of the characters that are featured in this gallery. If you have any questions about our characters or the Cervidian universe, feel free to ask. Hope you enjoy our gallery of work and thanks for dropping by!

My work may also be found on these sites:

Weasyl contact information for artists that collaborate with me (They both have deviantArt pages under the same usernames):

Latest Journal

Selling Art at Furlandia

on 7 April 2014 at 22:09:49 MDT

I'm back from another very long hiatus. I must apologize for my lack of activity and responses on here, but I hope to turn that around. I can never seem to catch much of a break. I have an impressive back-log of pencil drawings to finish and ink. There are at least seven new drawings that I hope to finish up in time for the Portland furry convention coming up in May. My colorists have also been buckling down on finishing some pieces in time for this event.

Lorien077 and I will be sharing a table at the Furlandia convention in Portland which is on May 23-25. I will be selling prints of my Cervidian Universe art which includes colored-collaborations with Magic Clam and Lorien077. We really hope to see some familiar faces there. I may also be attending Rainfurrest in Seattle. More details to be shared later.



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    i like the deers!

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    Thank you very much for keeping an eye on my upcoming pictures and the support! :)

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    Thank you for the follow!

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    And it's good to see you as well! You're one of the first folks I ever commissioned directly for furry art, so it's always a pleasure to see more of your work! :)

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    Thanks so much for stopping by and following my work! I really appreciate that!