Hello all my furry friends! My name Is Celestria Analise Brook but I prefer to be Called Celest , please and thank you! I am a maltese tiger but my fur is a lot darker than most of the ferals you see in photos. I am fun loving girl but I do have a tendency to dominate every once in a while. But that doesn't mean that I don't like being treated like the full curvy woman that I am! Everything you need to know about me is on my character website so feel free to browse around it all the art you see is on FA so nothing new there :) I do love rping through Instant messages or through here but I don't check FA unless I am completely alone so you are better off getting an IM rp going with me. I do have some guide lines that should be followed before you request an rp with me.

  1. You most defiantly need to visit my site and my kinks list. (if you visit my site you will know where that is)

  2. Since you have seen my kink list, you will know what kind of rp's I do enjoy and as far as themes and smuty smut smut goes you should know what to expect in the rp. I am willing to discuss anything on the list as well, if there is something you do want that isn't on that list talk to me about it!! I will try everything once!

  3. I rp IC (in character) ONLY i do not talk about my personal life and i do not cam or voice chat with people I rp with. This is a personal rule that I have set for myself and I have made exceptions in the past, some of them turned out ok and others not so much. So please do not expect a personal relationship with me.

And that should be it!! Also note that my schedule changes all the time because of school work and such. I'm a Bachelors Graphic Design student at the Art Institute and anyone who knows how they operate will know of my everlasting pain. But for those of you who do not know: My school is a year round school with breaks in between. I take four classes at one time and each class is about 11 weeks long so that is 16 classes per year!! January-March= 1 quarter with a week break. April-June= 1 quarter with a 3 week break. July-september= 1 quarter with a week break, October-December= 1 quarter with a 3 week break. There ya go, just in case you needed a road map :)




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