Final ride? by CDogOne

Final ride?


5 January 2019 at 14:08:19 MST

I forgot to post this here. This was taken about a year ago.

In tow, a 1948 Kaiser Special.
On Thursday I had to take it out to state patrol for an inspection. If things go well, I get to keep it.
If things didn't go well...I don't know what will happen honestly.
Thankfully, things went well.

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    Is it back on the road, now? I love seeing these old timers out and about.

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      Not yet sadly.
      I still have a whole host of things i want and need to do. Major and small.
      To be on the road, i just need to go through the brakes, fuel system, and get tires. If i had all those parts on hand, it'd be on the road tomorrow afternoon.
      I do have a video clip of it running at least if you want me to link that

      And you know. no seat belts or air bags.

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      And grease.
      There's something like 135 grease zerks i need to work my way through.

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        My brother was an auto mechanic in the 1970s. he says some of the old 4-wheel drive trucks had enough grease fittings to drive you ber-Zerk.

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          HA! I love it.

          Apparently, after Jeep bought Kaiser in 57(?) and started to make the M35, then M35a2 Deuce and a halfs, Kaiser kept they're affinity to grease zerks. You'd think you got them all, then remember you missed like 20 and so would have to crawl back under the truck.

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            That can't be much fun. Better if you have access to a lift, but a lot of shops won't let you near their equipment any more, for insurance purposes,