Melli: Okapi, Slug, bee keeper and Confectionist by Caudle

Melli: Okapi, Slug, bee keeper and Confectionist


18 December 2018 at 16:39:45 MST

Wow that's quite a title. ANYWAY This is Melli, a new character!

Her origional design was by  cursoryexploration after I talked breiflfy about how characters based around african Equines were super cute, but didn't have interesting enough tails...

I then tweaked it in a sketch by  pac and thus we have Melli! She is a mix of slug and Okapi, whose tail secretes honey. She makes candy in her spare time and uses said honey in various treats and warm drinks. Consuming it has calming, and some say hypnotic properties.

She also keeps bees! They are...oddly large, but very sweet and highly intelligent. You can often find her behind the counter of her sweet shop, The Honey Bee, in Burnel. The candy shop has an attached bar which serves microbrew mead.

She's super cute! Also, she can control her honey output, so most of the time her tail isn't inconveniently sticky as shown here. But if she gets angry or embarrassed it begins to get very gooey in her general proximity...

Sketch by  pac

Colors by  caudle

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