Flyleaf: A Life in Flux by Caudle

Flyleaf: A Life in Flux


18 December 2018 at 16:39:18 MST

Time for a new Caudle Character!

Welcome to the cast, Flyleaf! People have been after me to make a naga for ages, so I finally made one. Flyleaf is Caudle's assistant at his bookstore (Belfry Books) though she's a bit more than that really...She somewhat came into being from so much knowledge and so much magic being in one place. Thus she's a living amalgam of the bookstore's inventory.

HOWEVER, being me, this gives her a quirk. The bookstore's main magic is transformation, so it affects her strangely. Occasionally she becomes a mouse, but some features stick around...namely the tail, and depending on the random magical influences around the store, her size can vary WILDLY.

Thus she can be a smol mousesnek, or a BIG mousesnek, or just a regular old, friendly, tea loving, book reading cobra naga. Never know what you're gonna get.

But in either case she's a lovely asistant and a nice addition to the cast!

Let me know what you think of her!

Art by  pac

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